What time does the Kelowna tour start and end?

Start Time: Typically between 9:45-10:15am (depending on pick up location)

End Time: Typically between 3:45-4:15pm (depending on the pace of the day)

What time does the Naramata tour start and end?

Start Time: Typically between 9:15-9:45am (depending on pick up location)

End Time: Approximately 5pm (depending on the pace of the day)

What times does the South Okanagan tour start and end?

Start Time: Typically between 9:15-9:30am (depending on pick up location)

End Time: Approximately 5:30pm (depending on the pace of the day)

When will the exact pick up time for my tour be confirmed?

Pick up times are confirmed by 6pm the day before the tour.

What is the best way to book a tour?

Please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of the website. This message will go directly to Kris or Shannon, who will promptly answer any questions, check availability for you, and confirm your tour booking via confirmation email.

How are reservations confirmed?

All reservations are confirmed via confirmation email. Space is only held once a confirmation email from Experience Wine Tours is received.

Which tour includes a full facility tour?

Our Kelowna tour includes an exclusive private facility tour of the first winery that we visit.

How many wineries do we visit on the Kelowna tour?

5 wineries

How many wineries do we visit on the Naramata tour?

6 wineries

How many wineries do we visit on the South Okanagan tour?

5 wineries

Is lunch included with all of your tours? What else is included?

Yes. All of our tours are all-inclusive.  We provide a picnic lunch featuring cured local Okanagan meats, local cheeses, Okanagan fruits and vegetables, fresh baguette and spreads as well as all tasting fees and/or winery tour fees. The price also includes pick-up and drop-off to most Kelowna and West Kelowna accommodations.

Why should we book a tour with your company? There are so many to choose from!

There are lots of reasons why you should book with us!

Excellence: Other than being one of the only all-inclusive tours offered in the Okanagan, all of our sommelier-trained guides are wine industry professionals, who are committed to excellence and provide engaging, informed, first-class service. We can say with absolute confidence that we have the most skilled and knowledgeable team of guides in the valley!

Picnic Lunch: We offer a picnic lunch with all of our tours (May-October), which consists of locally made charcuterie, artisan bread, local cheeses and some of our valley’s amazing produce…everything we like to eat while we are wine tasting! Eating at a winery restaurant adds approximately $40 per person once you include tax and tip.

Connected: We are fortunate to have a myriad of connections with desirable wineries, winemakers, and industry professionals within the Okanagan Valley and the BC wine industry in its entirety. This includes some small boutique wineries and vineyards not open to the public. Our friendships and business relationships within the industry enable us to offer experiences unlike any other Kelowna tour company.

Tour in Style: We are the only company that uses exclusively Mercedes Sprinter vans and Ford Expedition Max for our tours. Our guests can relax in style, safety, and comfort in our luxury vehicles, and leave the driving to us.

Value: All of the above truly adds up to the best value for your tourist dollar among wine tour companies in Kelowna.

Your experience is our focus.

What type of vehicles do you use?

All of our tours take place in the comfort of our luxury, air-conditioned Mercedes Sprinter vans (maximum of 11 passengers) or our Ford Expedition Max (maximum of 7 passengers).

Do you pick up from hotels, B&B’s, Airbnb’s, private residences, etc?

We offer pick up and drop off to many Kelowna and West Kelowna hotels, Airbnb’s, B&B’s, private residences. Please check with us if you are unsure if your accommodation is within our pick up zone (the closer to downtown you are, the more likely you are to be within our pick up zone!). Please note La Casa Resort, Lake Okanagan Resort, Myra Canyon, and Big White are outside of our pick up zone. If you are staying outside of our pick up zone you may be asked to meet us at a more central location. Please note, for our Naramata and South Okanagan tours we also offer pick up in Peachland, Summerland and downtown Penticton.

What is the maximum group size you accommodate?

We are a small wine tour company that specializes in tours of more intimate group sizes with a maximum of 11 guests. We are unable to provide the same personalized experience that is associated with our brand with larger groups.

Do you do Bachelorette Parties?

For bachelorette parties, we do require you to rent out the van privately. Our tour vehicle (a Mercedes Sprinter van) accommodates a maximum of 11 passengers. We can offer you a private tour with a minimum of 8 guests (if you will be less than 8, you would be required to pay for 8 seats).

Do you offer private tours?


Our Mercedes Sprinter vans accommodates a maximum of 11 passengers; we offer private tours to a minimum group size of 8 guests (or if your group is less than 8, you have the option of paying for 8 seats).

Our 2017 Ford Expedition Max accommodates a maximum of 7 passengers; we offer private tours in this vehicle to a minimum group size of 6 guests (or if your group is less than 6, you have the option of paying for for 6 seats).

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Absolutely! We admit to being totally biased, but we think that wine tours make a great gift!  Skip the crowded parking lots and huge lineups, our gift certificates can be purchased and printed from the comfort of your own home.

What is the difference between your Kelowna and Naramata tour?

Both our Kelowna and Naramata tours offer stunning views of the lake, mountains and valley. Naramata has mostly smaller boutique wineries compared to Kelowna. Both wine regions offer beautiful sights and an excellent selection of both white and red wines to taste. Kelowna is more known for lighter reds such as pinot noir and crisp whites whereas Naramata offers a larger variety of fuller body reds and both dry and sweeter white wines. The Kelowna tour is a bit shorter since we are not traveling out of town. One other main difference is the Kelowna tour includes a full facility tour (ending with a tasting) at one of the wineries (whereas on the Naramata tour we visit a bonus 6th winery!)

What wineries will we be visiting on the tour?

With regards to our itinerary for the day, we have our favourite wineries that we like to visit in each region, however our itinerary changes slightly from tour to tour. Our guides typically like to ask everyone at the beginning of the day what types of wines they like best, and choose the wineries that will best suit everyone’s taste from there to customize the tour, therefore, the itinerary changes slightly from day to day depending on the tour.

We are staying at a location outside of your pick up zone (or outside of town). Where can we meet you?

We have a few different options for you! If you are staying at a location along Westside Road (for example, La Casa Resort or Okanagan Lake Resort), what guests have done that have stayed there in the past is met us at the Xtreme Landmark Cinemas parking lot in West Kelowna and left their car there for the day.

If you are staying north of Kelowna, for example Lake Country or Vernon, what guests have done that have stayed there in the past is met us at the Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna and left their car there for the day.

Another option is leaving your car downtown for the day (there is a parking garage that charges $6 for the day called the Library Parkade at 1360 Ellis Street). If you park downtown, then you can head out for dinner, to a patio or for a walk along the lake downtown after the tour!

Why can’t we pay extra and have you pick us up outside of Kelowna?

We do not offer pick up outside our pick up zones because it becomes difficult logistically when we have guests staying spread out across Kelowna and West Kelowna.  It can lead to too much time spent in the van instead of being at the wineries tasting. We try to provide the best possible experience to all guests on our tours and we do this by minimizing driving time and maximizing tasting time!

What accommodations in Kelowna do you recommend?

Our favourite hotel in Kelowna is the Delta Grand Okanagan, located in downtown Kelowna on the water, steps away from the best restaurants in Kelowna. We also love the Manteo Resort and the El Dorado (a more boutique-style hotel). Both are located on the water, and are about a 5 minute drive/cab ride from downtown. For a more budget-friendly hotel, we recommend the Kelowna Inn & Suites (about a 15 minute walk from downtown/3 minute drive). If you are interested in staying at a B&B, we always hear great reviews from our guests when they stay at Lakeshore B&B, At the Beach B&B, A Touch of English and the Ogopogo B&B. There are also lots of great Airbnb’s in Kelowna if you check out the Airbnb website.

What restaurants do you recommend in Kelowna?

Our favourite place to dine in Kelowna is Waterfront Wines Restaurant. They have won best restaurant in the Okanagan 8 years in a row by the Vancouver Magazine Awards. Their menu is inspired by fresh local ingredients and they have an excellent selection of both small course/shared plates as well as entrees. They open daily at 5pm and their wine selection is also fantastic. Some of my other favourites include Raudz (please note they do not take reservations), BNA (for a craft beer and delicious appetizers), The Salted Brick (for happy hour, lunch or brunch) or Wasabi (for Japanese Izakya). All of these restaurants are located downtown 🙂 Manteo Resort and the El Dorado also both have great restaurants with beautiful lakeside dining. Quail’s Gate, Mission Hill and Summerhill Winery all have excellent winery restaurants too, with stunning views!

Do you visit Mission Hill Winery on your Kelowna tour?

Although we highly recommend our guests spend an afternoon at Mission Hill wine tasting, walking the property, taking a facility tour and enjoying lunch or a glass of wine and cheese at their outdoor restaurant, we unfortunately do not visit Mission Hill on this tour. Due to the length of our tours and the fact that we visit wineries on both sides of the lake, we find Mission Hill to take up too much time.

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

Our tours are designed specifically for guests of legal drinking age and therefore all guests must be 19 or older to participate in our wine tours. Many of our guests look forward to the opportunity to be in adult environment during their tour. We unfortunately cannot accommodate children on a non-private tour as we try to respect the wishes of our other guests.

Do we still wine tour if it’s raining?

Yes, we tour rain or shine! Rainy days we find are actually a great time to tour, at least you won’t be missing a day at the beach or golf course! Furthermore, most of the tour takes place indoors at the wineries and we have a covered and/or indoor area where we can picnic for lunch.  Please dress for the weather on rainy days.

Do you offer winter tours?

Yes, we run tours year-round! The only difference is in the summer months, our tours include a picnic lunch however it can be difficult to do the picnic at this time of year (due to cold weather). That being said, we will visit a winery restaurant instead.  Of course, we will discount each guest’s tour, and each guest will be responsible for paying for their own lunch.